Mobiliser les Energies vers le Changement

Mobilizing Energies towards Change requires establishing the 1st Element of Dynamic Stability: an explicit Stake. In order to bring awareness of the need for change, the Driver would strive to achieve the following goals:
- Assessing the context of the company in relationship with its environment and clearly identifying the Stake;
- Explicitly exposing the Stake and having it accepted and internalized by the involved contributors;
- Aligning the Stake and goals at all levels and ensuring coherence with a meaningful strategic Vision to be realized with its related road map and Purpose(s);
- Detecting and reducing potential frictions, resistance and blockages;
- Co-designing the process to implement the change model and the tools for measuring progress.

Change is set into motion when one becomes aware that something is different, unusual or happening in an unexpected way. Surprise is the first emotion triggering the Mourning Cycle necessary for any change.

This might be stressful to many contributors and provoke resistance, which often stems from emotional or operational hidden or explicit conflicts contributors face in dealing with other members of the organization. Conducting the Conflict Cleansing Process is thus often necessary to help individuals to concentrate their energies on the change process.

At the same time, assessing the context contributes to shaping a Vision and Purposes which give meaning to participating in the change initiative and emotionally engage individuals.

Many processes, methodologies, techniques, and tools to achieve these goals are presented in "The M3C Model of Cooperative Contextual Change" (2012) and in "Leading by Dynamic Stability" (2016).