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TransFormActions is a team of experts who assist organizations in France and abroad from all industrial sectors in their managerial, strategic, and operational transformation projects, using the LDS approach - Leading by Dynamic Stability, an approach to change management, a systemic, innovative, and surprising change approach based on the use of emotions and resources of Neurobiology!
TransformActions also designs and realizes consulting missions, individual and team coaching, as well as training in the following areas:
- change management,
- leadership and influence management,
- management teams and projects,
- negotiation and conflict resolution,
- organizational performance improvement,
- interpersonal communication,
- creativity and innovation.


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Alessandro Biscaccianti

My mission on earth? Accompanying individuals, teams and organizations in achieving Serenity to grow through a process of Dynamic, Stable, and Durable change which fully mobilizes their Talents with a greater impact on performance ;-)
My stake? Living a continuously satisfactory present, opening myself to different experiences and discoveries that I like to share with as many people as possible :-)
After initial training as an engineer-architect (graduate of the University of Bologna in Italy) and a few years working in Italy and the Middle East, my path led me to France and to the world of management and coaching. Doctor of Management (DBA International School of Management Paris-New York), and MBA graduate of the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, I am also a Certified Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Conversational Hypnosis with a specialization on 'Talent and Serenity'.
For more information about me, my background and my references, my detailed CV is available here:

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Mouna El Mansouri

My leitmotiv? Sharing enriching experiences and providing added value to others, enabling them to find their way :-)
After an initial training in Finance and Software Engineering (Bachelor at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane), I worked in the banking sector for around 8 years, taking up different job positions and responsibilities (account management, project finance, structured finance, project management, etc.). It suddenly clicked during my MBA at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées: I reconnected with and reignited my first passion for writing, got more and more interested in research, and explored deeper change management.
Since then, my path leads me through surprises and joys in the world of change management, emotions, and neurobiology, all deliciously combined for a Stable, Dynamic, Sustainable, and Successful Change ;-)
These topics represent also my current research interests as a PhD candidate at ESSEC.

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Henri Biezin

International IT and software development manager, from 1971 to 1992, after a Master's degree in Electronic Data Processing, I then turned towards organizational behavior.
I have extensive training in group dynamics (Human Factors and USM Inc. - USA, NPL with John Grinder and Paris by Brian Van der Horst), in creative thinking techniques by Hubert Jaoui, and am affiliated to "Creative Education Foundation".
Since, I created and run seminars on management, change management, communication, operational creativity, cross-cultural management.
Expert in Collective Effectiveness, I build customized programs for management teams of major international companies in different sectors, as well as for some NGOs. I also train leaders and opinion leaders in public speaking and creative thinking and coach some of them.
I also speak in different Master and MBA programs in France and abroad, including Tongji University in Shanghai in the field of management of multicultural teams.
For more information about me, my background and my references, my detailed CV is available here:

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Maria Kulas

I assist the daily activities of TransformActions, my contribution is in continuity with my training and experience in commercial and project management. I also oversee the marketing aspects of TransformActions.
In private, I enjoy helping others to solve complex situations and am always delighted to closely commit to projects which reflect my personal values. And besides, I love to travel.
For more information about me, my background and my references, my detailed CV is available here:

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Alon Rozen

Recently I am busy as dean and associate professor of Innovation and Management. My Academic responsibility contains teaching at and managing the Business School’s undergraduate, graduate, MBA, doctoral, corporate and executive education programs in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. My heart is also divided into the domains of Marketing and Strategy for B2B and B2C clients.  I am a corporate trainer in account management, business plans, business models, channel marketing, power presentations, and strategic marketing. My life gifted me with the possibility of speaking in foreign languages: English, French, Hebrew, Spanish. The initiative of Leading by Dynamic Stability gives me the possibility to participate in unusual project of high quality meaning. I appreciate it a lot! My detailed CV is available here: