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Leading by Dynamic Stability (LDS)

LDS published in 2016, is an approach to change management that uses the paradoxical, innovative, and surprising concept of Dynamic Stability and which is based on the use of emotions and neurobiological resources to create the necessary conditions for successful change projects within organizations.

This coherent, simple to use, yet sophisticated Model is thus based on the systemic and complex nature of human beings, as well as on Serenity and each and every individual’s Talents to succeed in a sustainable and serene Change.

Throughout its four Elements of Dynamic Stability, its many tools, and its small stories and anecdotes, LDS invites you to a journey at the heart of Change, combining Serenity and performance.

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M3C - Réussir un Changement Dynamique, Stable et Durable

Published in 2012, in collaboration with Alain Lequien, the M3C offers a new approach to change, based on the principle of Dynamic Stability.

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The M3C Cooperative Contextual Model of Change


A version of the M3C, in collaboration with Mark Esposito and Lloyd C. Williams, is also available in English.

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